Let your visitors or customers contact you faster. Quick Comments provides you with fixed panel visible on all pages so visitors can contact you immediately. It’s the simplest way of getting in touch while using WordPress default comments. Therefore there is no additional or separated database and everything is in one place.

Plugin Features

  • Users don’t have to look for contact information or right comments form through pages
    Instead they have all time visible panel in the corner of your website and comment will be send where it belongs.
  • Quick Comments panel is fully customizable
    You can set your own texts, colors, icons
  • E-mail notification for admin
    After user submits a comment you will by notified by e-mail
  • Private messages
    Ability to send messages only via emails. Comment will not be stored publicly.
  • Plugin uses default WordPress comment system
    You can set default page for all stored comments sent by users. If user sent a quick comment on page which has comments enabled, his comment will be stored on the very same page.
  • Branding
    You can set your own or disable branding totally
  • Reply notification for users
    User will be notified by email that you have answered his message
  • Newsletter Subscription
    You can enable subscription option to be available for users right in the quick comments panel

DirectoryPRO theme is tested & fully compatible with this extension plugin. This plugin is not required for your website to function and only needed if you require the additional functionality provided. This plugin is not bundled with the theme.

This is what it looks like

Total land in Ha (Complete Eviction)

Total land in Ha (Complete Eviction)

Total land in Ha (Pending Eviction)


Total Land in Ha (Fully Compensated)


Total Land in Ha (Partially Compensated)


The summit is organized by the @AfDB_Group together with the government of Senegal to raise agricultural productivity and support infrastructure and “climate-smart” agricultural systems using private sector investment
#FoodSovereignty https://t.co/MNdATesTid
witness_radio photo
Witness Radio - Uganda joins the undersigned organizations to express deep concerns at aims and assumptions that appear to underlie the 2nd Dakar Summit on Agriculture and Agribusiness.
@EnvMonGroup @Eco_defenders @AfDB_Group
Read more: https://t.co/dFTpWdeuK9 https://t.co/wkgAYrSrt9
witness_radio photo
Statement on the Dakar 2 Summit: “Climate smart agriculture” will worsen the climate crisis...
@FoEAfrica @CefrohtUg @YEEnetwork
Read more: https://t.co/dFTpWdeuK9 https://t.co/CIE73Mc5U9
witness_radio photo
Before their arrest, the farmers had opened several cases against the Formosa workers for attacking and destroying their properties worth millions of Shillings.
Read more: https://t.co/EN0XjzHoTZ https://t.co/VpnD160Bo2
witness_radio photo
The victims are among the affected community members that faced the brutal, illegal evictions by #formosalimited workers from their ancestral land.
Read more: https://t.co/EN0XjzHoTZ https://t.co/0CYUiGwKx0
witness_radio photo
Five smallholder farmers have been arrested and charged with malicious damage by Mubende police.
Read more: https://t.co/EN0XjzHoTZ https://t.co/Bt662TxAsS
witness_radio photo