About the Project

#Land-evictions-in-Uganda is a research-based project that monitors, documents, investigates, and analyses previous and current land evictions in Uganda.

The portal is a project being sustained by smallholder farmers that on daily basis report cases of land evictions occurring in their localities. 

It’s supported by independent researchers who combine academic rigor with investigations and analysis to aggregate and mine data to suit the needs of our followers. 

This project intends to answer questions about land evictions and their impact on citizens’ access and use of land; the importance of responsible investments that respects human rights. 

The land-eviction-portal believes that access to information is crucial to achieving good land governance and securing land rights for vulnerable and minority communities in Uganda.


Total land in Ha (Complete Eviction)

Total land in Ha (Complete Eviction)

Total land in Ha (Pending Eviction)


Total Land in Ha (Fully Compensated)


Total Land in Ha (Partially Compensated)


The state prematurely closes its prosecution in the trial of the eight community land rights defenders after it failed to produce its last witness.
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State fails to produce a key witness, prematurely closes its prosecution in the trial of the eight land rights defenders.
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The #CESCR has called up the development banks and states hosting development projects to refrain from actions that interfere directly or indirectly with the enjoyment of the Covenant rights in land-related contexts outside their territories.
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#DevelopmentBanks and investors have been urged to invest in projects that do not deprive local communities of access to land on which they depend for their livelihoods.
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The summit is organized by the @AfDB_Group together with the government of Senegal to raise agricultural productivity and support infrastructure and “climate-smart” agricultural systems using private sector investment
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