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Total land in Ha (Complete Eviction)

Total land in Ha (Complete Eviction)

Total land in Ha (Pending Eviction)


Total Land in Ha (Fully Compensated)


Total Land in Ha (Partially Compensated)


The two of the three community land rights defenders last appeared at the police on 18th July 2022, they were re-arrested and subjected to another interrogation which lasted for one hour between 11 am to 12 pm local time
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The three community land rights defenders from Kawaala Zone II charged with fraud are expected to report back for the fourth time at the Old Kampala Regional Police Headquarters today Monday 1st of August.
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Kawaala community land rights defenders will report for police bond for the fourth time on 1st August...
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Three years after the forced evictions, NFC agreed to resettle victims after fretful engagements with #humanrightsactivists and other villagers’ supporters addressing the violence that locals experienced during the evictions.
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The deal signed by the UK registered company and Uganda’s National Forestry Authority ( @NFAUG ) in 2005 was to develop Namwasa and Luwunga forest reserves under the carbon trading program...
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